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Here's how it works:

Week 1 – PREP
90 min session
Small group, online tutoring
Tuesday or Saturday
Short Daily practice

Week 2 – PREP
90 min session
Small group, online tutoring
Tuesday or Saturday
Short Daily practice

90 min session
Full Practice Exam
Tuesday or Saturday
Short Daily practice

Week 4 – PLAN
90 min session
1-on-1 online tutoring
Tuesday or Saturday
Short Daily practice

Week 5 – CHILL OUT
You’ve planned, you’ve practiced,
and now you’re ready.
Eat well. Go outside.
Get some rest.
Then the day before,
get a good night’s sleep.

You've Got This!

Why Choose Woot Tutor?

Woot Tutor is passionate about providing high-quality SAT prep at an affordable price. We have been able to craft a program that provides the best of small group instruction with targeted 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. This coupled with our personalized daily practice is a winning formula for prepping for the SAT.

    The bootcamp is ideally suited to students who:

  • have never taken the SAT or
  • have taken it prior and scored in the low 400s on the math portion.

For these students, we can typically help increase their score by 50-100 points.

If your student learns well in a small group setting, the Woot Tutor Bootcamp could be a good fit.
A Major Bonus: The Woot Tutor Bootcamps provides a 90 min 1-on-1 session with a tutor. During this session we review the results of the students full practice test. We carefully use this time to help the student solidify a strategy based on the results for the exam.
A Key Feature: A proven effective SAT daily practice that includes math questions drawn from the real test. It will only take 15-30 min a day. Within 24 hours, a tutor will provide your student individual feedback on their practice.

We know your student has enormous potential.

Our program works because it is focused on unlocking this potential.

By helping students leverage their existing capacity and by building new capacity, we ensure that they perform at their best on the SAT.

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"The Woot Tutor platform takes everything I love about tutoring – personal connection, coaching, and student centered learning – and allows me and the client to connect anywhere!"
Diana Rapp
Woot Tutor