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At Woot Tutor, it is our responsibility to identify, recruit and retain great math tutors and coaches – tutors and coaches that connect deeply with the students they support. Tutors that lift children up, one child at a time so that they have the confidence they need to succeed. 

This blog post explains the 5 things that we look for in our tutors.

Meet Some of Our Math Tutors and Coaches


Jeff is a math education fanatic. He taught high school math and science for 5 years where he developed a passion for integrating technology into curriculum and instruction. Jeff moved to Colorado to pursue his passion for supporting teachers with technology in a PhD program at CU Boulder.

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Diana is a high school math teacher with a passion for differentiating and connecting with all students. Her goal in life is to create "ah-ha!" moments for students. She has been teaching for four years, with experience as a middle school teacher and she has worked closely with kids with wide ranging special needs.

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Teaching is her dream job, and she especially loves middle school because “the students are growing and changing in every way, and trying to figure out how to be their best selves.” She believes that middle school mathematics provides the foundation for many necessary real world skills.

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Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP


Cindy’s passion is supporting parents so that they can effectively support their kids. Cindy found that the better she can help parents truly understand what impacts their kids learning, motivation, and behavior, the more they can help their kids thrive. She has helped thousands of parents reduce the stress and chaos to bring joy and success into their homes.

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How We Choose Our Math Tutors and Coaches

All of our tutors are certified math teachers that have specialized in math education. In addition to teaching math, we also choose teachers that have additional training in social-emotional learning that includes strategies to help foster confidence and executive functioning (basically – life skills!). As part of the process of becoming a Woot Tutor, teachers complete a two part professional development training program. During the training, we verify that our tutors are certified teachers with up-to-date criminal background checks. We also observe a live tutoring session to review our tutors in action.