Meet Our Coaches: Ms Cindy

Cindy’s passion is supporting parents so that they can effectively support their kids. Cindy found that the better she can help parents truly understand what impacts their kids learning, motivation, and behavior, the more they can help their kids thrive.

We asked Cindy to answer a few questions, so that you can get to know her a little bit.


Why did you decide to become a parent coach?

While I was coaching children, I found that very well-meaning, loving parents were struggling in their attempts to motivate and support their kids. I recognized that parents didn’t always have the knowledge, tools, and strategies they needed to intervene as needed. I found I could make an enormous impact on the whole family when I worked directly with the parents, empowering them to be more confident, effective parents.


What is your favorite thing about working with parents?

Having parents share their stories of joy and success as the calm, laughter, and connection returns to their relationships with their children. Parenting isn’t easy! And it can be even more complex when you have a child who learns and behaves differently than is expected. The insights and tools I offer can shift the family dynamic to build children’s confidence, resilience, and grit as they face school and life challenges.

I found I could make an enormous impact on the whole family when I worked directly with the parents, empowering them to be more confident, effective parents.


What is your parenting philosophy?

Parent the child YOU have! I believe that each child who enters into our lives is creative, resourceful, and whole. Our job is to help them become the best version of who they are meant to be. It’s not always easy to see them struggle and know how to support without enabling their development. The key lies in knowing what they are truly capable of in the moment and how to help them develop the skills they really need to thrive.


How did you become involved in teacher training?

As a parent coach, I often consulted in schools to support my client’s children. While educators are often excellent at teaching curriculum, not all teachers have the most recent training needed to support students who struggle with attentional or behavioral challenges. Over time, I developed a curriculum to teach teachers, SLP’s, OT’s, and mental health professionals about the impact of ADHD and Executive Function challenges on learning, motivation and behavior. For almost a decade I have travelled nationwide providing professional development in schools and conferences providing them with the insights, tools, and strategies they need to reach even the most challenging students.

What do you love about the Woot program?

I love that WOOT focuses on building kids Executive Function skills as they help kids learn math. This approach helps kids learn to generalize the lessons they learn in math to other aspects of their academic and personal challenges.

Cindy jumping on a rock

Cindy has a Master’s in Counseling from Columbia University and is a certified ADHD/Executive Function Coach. Through her books and her parenting programs she has helped thousands of parents reduce the stress and chaos to bring joy and success into their homes.

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