Magic of Algebra

8 weeks, 2X a week, 90 minutes, Ages 8-10

The Magic of Algebra
Algebra is magic. We believe you are never too young to experience that magic, and in this course give an age appropriate window into the beauty of Algebra.

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The Magic of Algebra

8 Weeks, Twice a Week

Multi-Week Course

90 Minutes

Class Duration

3-8 Kids

Class Size

Ages 8-10

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Course Description

Algebra is magical – it is interesting and it makes sense! Ideally all students would develop algebraic thinking skills at young ages to build success in future grades. This course is designed to develop core skills like seeing patterns, describing change, and searching for unknowns. Students develop number sense so they can take control of their learning and harness the power and magic that is mathematics.

The course provides personal face to face sessions with a caring and experienced teacher in a supportive learning environment. Additionally, students have access to a rich library of content and practice between sessions.

The course breakdown is as follows:

Week 1: Waving the wand of number sense
Week 2: Using symbols to represent chunks
Week 3: Visualizing patterns – What comes next
Week 4: Exploring what changes and what stays the same
Week 5: Making sense of the equal sign
Week 6: Exploring unknowns
Week 7: The magic of doing and undoing
Week 8: Structure: The crystal ball of algebra

Woot Tutor Online Classes – FAQ

What are Woot Tutor’s online classes?
Woot Tutor’s online classes are designed for small group instruction. We believe something magical happens when you combine a terrific instructor with a small group of students who are all focused on an engaging topic.

Whether it is a math camp or course, our curriculum is designed to challenge each student around important topics and ways of thinking that leads to future success in school. The small class size allows instructors to understand the learning style of each student and provide individualized feedback that attends to the strengths and weaknesses of each learner.

Why choose Woot Tutor?
At the heart of all great instruction, is a teacher that cares and believes in a young person. With that in mind, we are picky about who teaches these classes. This summer, we are delighted that all of the instructors are experienced math teachers and professors that we have worked with for many years. They are not only content experts, they are beloved by students because they care, and because they are able to bring math to life in a way that is deeply engaging.

What are the class norms?
It is simple. Teachers and students agree to…

    • Be present: Attend sessions on time and be an active learner
    • Be respectful: Treat each person with respect and value their strengths
    • Be all in: Seriously. Great classes are only great if everyone brings their all.

What does Woot Tutor use for Video Conferencing?
Woot Tutor developed a video conferencing platform specifically for providing a great experience for online learning. Don’t take our word, here is what The College Board wrote about it…

“[Woot Tutor’s platform] far outpaces what we have seen in the market… We’re excited to explore how else College Board and Woot Tutor can collaborate to connect students to the support they need to achieve college and career success.”

Unlike many other video conferencing platforms, Woot Tutor was developed specifically for K-12 instruction of mathematics. In addition to video and audio, there is an integrated whiteboard for shared work, there are breakout spaces that the instructor controls, and the curriculum is integrated into the space to make it easy for teachers and students to move through shared problems and ideas.

What are the technology and software requirements?
Since you are reading this, you already have access to a browser and an internet connection, which is perfect.

Woot Tutor online classes are designed to work with all major browsers –

Google Chrome

Please make sure your browser is up to date with the latest version. If you have any issues, please let us know.

Audio & Video
All of our online classes use Woot Tutor’s video chat. For safety reasons and to create a classroom experience, we required that students enable their audio/video during the class.

This means that your computer or tablet has a microphone and webcam built in. If you have an older device, you might need to add these as separate devices.

You will also need a reliable internet connection. Most DSL and Cable internet plans will work perfectly.

Are Woot Tutor’s classes recorded?
For safety and quality assurance, Woot Tutor records all live classes.

We allow our teachers to review these recordings so that they can learn from the sessions to make them stronger.
We take privacy seriously, and we never share the class recordings outside of Woot Tutor for any reason. Woot Tutor stores recordings for two years after which they are automatically and permanently deleted.

While you are allowed to take and share pictures or videos of your student learning on Woot Tutor, you are not allowed to capture and share the name or picture of other students.

What is the policy on the age range?
We carefully choose the ages that are appropriate for specific courses and camps. Not only do we want the material to be age appropriate, but we want the cohort of students to be reasonably close in age so there is naturally more connection. To make sure that we provide a great experience to all students, we ask that you adhere to the guidelines when you sign up your child.

What is the cancellation and transfer policy?
Due to the unique circumstances of online classroom access, Woot Tutor is unable to offer refunds or transfers for our summer programs.