Starter Plan

$ 257
  • TWO tutoring sessions
  • ONE coaching session
  • ZERO H3 credits

Standard Plan

$ 379
  • FOUR tutoring sessions
  • ONE coaching session
  • FOUR H3 credits

Advanced Plan

$ 579
  • EIGHT tutoring sessions
  • TWO coaching sessions
  • TEN H3 credits

Tutoring session are 1-on-1 50-minute sessions with a Math Teacher. 

Life skills coaching session are 50 minute group sessions with up to 10 students. The sessions are drop-in, and are available Saturday morning (8-9am pacific), Tuesday evening (4-5pm pacific)

Homework Help Hotline (H3) Credits are included in the Standard and Advanced plans. The Homework Help Hotline is available during the school year, Sunday – Thursday, 4pm – 10pm pacific. More H3 Tokens can be purchased separately.

Additional H3 Credits

Homework Help Hotline

$ 5
  • Live help
  • Chat-based

Additional PRACTICE

Additional practice work to address gaps in foundational math topics, including our proprietary Adaptive Learning software, is assigned as necessary by the tutor. These assignments are included in all tutoring plans.