Everyone is a Math Person

Society is not moving the needle quickly enough in public math education. While tutoring is not the whole solution, we believe that one-on-one sessions with a skilled tutor, combined with small-group life skills coaching, can be a part of the solution. Let us help unlock your child’s inner ‘math person’, find the joy in math, and gain critical life skills along the way.

Technology Can Enhance Tutoring

As an Edtech company, we believe that technology can disrupt the existing modality for teaching and learning. Engagement. Fun. Social interactions. Coaching. Life skills. While this may not sound like descriptions of a traditional math tutoring session, this is what you get with Woot Tutor.

Research Should Inform Us

The world is full of smart people, doing things that matter and which have huge ramifications for the way our children are learning and engaging in the world. We believe in partnering with those at the forefront of learning and brain research to bring their findings of best practices into our tutoring and coaching sessions and into your home..

Everyone Can Succeed

We all need support, no one can go it alone. Parents, teachers, children (and even Edtech companies like Woot Tutor). When we work together, everybody is stronger. We strive to offer the resources and dynamic learning environment that will enable your child to reimagine their potential, achieve their goals and in the end have the skills and support to follow their dreams. Central to everything we do and all the programs we develop is the core belief that the relationships that help children the most are the ones that lift them up.