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Measuring Tape

Measuring Tutoring Success

Maybe this feels familiar: You’ve hired a tutor and you’re paying them, but you have no idea if the tutoring is helping your child. It can be hard to know what they’ve worked on and if there’s been any progress.

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How to Ace Math

As a high school math teacher, students are constantly asking me how they can be better math students. They have all these ideas about staying organized and staying focused, but they do not have a clear path of action to achieving those goals. Having smart goals is crucial for meaningful and long term success. Keep reading to find out more about what you can do to stay on track in math class!

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5 Simple Things to Start Your Year Off Right

As a high-school math teacher, these are the things I wish I could tell every student. They are not earth-scattering ideas, but they are proven ways to start your year off right. In fact, these are the tips that I wish someone had told me when I was in high school.

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Meet Our Tutors: Mr. Jeff

Meet Our Tutors: Mr. Jeff

Jeff is a math education fanatic. He taught high school math and science for 5 years where he developed a passion for integrating technology into curriculum and instruction.

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Welcome to Woot Tutor

Thank you so much for visiting our site and taking the time to read about us. Woot Tutor is an online math tutoring solution for students in middle and high school throughout the US.

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Coach Cindy

Meet Our Coaches: Ms Cindy

Cindy’s passion is supporting parents so that they can effectively support their kids. Cindy found that the better she can help parents truly understand what impacts their kids learning, motivation, and behavior, the more they can help their kids thrive.

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Meet Our Tutors: Janelle

Meet Our Tutors: Ms Janelle

Teaching is Janelle’s dream job. She especially loves middle school because “the students are growing and changing in every way, and trying to figure out how to be their best selves.”

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