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Diana Rapp

Diana Rapp

High School Math Teacher & Woot Tutor

How to Ace Math

As a high school math teacher, students are constantly asking me how they can be better math students. They have all these ideas about staying organized and staying focused, but they do not have a clear path of action to achieving those goals. Having smart goals is crucial for meaningful and long term success. Keep reading to find out more about what you can do to stay on track in math class!
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Organization Is Key

Your backpack is your friend! Do not abuse your backpack by stuffing papers aimlessly into the pockets. You will never find that paper again and your teacher will be confused when you ask for another copy. If organization isn’t your strong point, find your teacher after class and ask for their help. Your teacher will be happy you are invested in your success in the class. 

Your backpack is your friend! Do not abuse your backpack by stuffing papers aimlessly into the pockets. You will never find that paper again!

I think it is a good idea to schedule a time every week to clean out your backpack and organize your folders. This routine will keep you prepared and organized! Not to mention, you will know exactly where all of your papers go. This means no more missing permission slips, no more extra copies, and no more feeling lost. Teachers hand you papers and expect you to keep them. Yes, that formula sheet is important, I promise!

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Does your school have a study corner? A place where you can go for extra homework help? Talk to your teachers and the librarian about student resources. You would be surprised that there are many different outlets created to help students be successful, from math study tables to homework clubs and office hours. It is crucial that you understand what is offered to students at your school. The more helpers you have for your math success, the better prepared you are!



Do you have an off period that you just do not know what to do with? I suggest finding a quiet spot in your school and creating your own workspace. Then plug in your music (or white noise) and enter into the homework zone! The more time you utilize at school to complete work, go to office hours, and study, the more time you have after school to attend sporting events, choir concerts, and hang out with friends! Make your schedule work for you. I know a lot of students that use the off period after math class to get a head start on their homework and get work done with their friends.

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You need to create a team of friends and teachers that will help you be successful. Did you love your math teacher last year? I am sure they are happy to help you out this year. Teachers love helping former students because we love to watch you grow and progress in your studies. Maybe your neighbor took the same class last year, ask them questions and get their help. That project you’re confused about? They did it last year. Using your friends and teachers to help yourself move forward is crucial.

Follow these four simple steps and I believe you will be well on your way to acing your math class!

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