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50 minutes | $50 per week

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Great for students in Algebra now, or those entering Algebra in the Fall!

Grades 6–12

Each day of the week,
we will focus on a specific concept
central to becoming
an effective algebraic thinker.

Students that are good at algebra, are good at these ways of thinking...

Developing Curiosity
Developing an interest in
new ideas and connecting
them with what we
already know.

Noticing Patterns
How to focus on
what is changing and
what is staying
the same.

Learning with Depth
The skill of
doing and undoing
deepens understanding
around key ideas.


Describe mathematics
using graphs, tables,
equations, and

Weekly Goal
Empower students to become
persistent problem solvers and
to take control of their own learning.

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4 sessions/week | 8 students max |
50 minutes | $50 per week

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