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Woot Tutor Is Powered By Woot Math

Woot Tutor is developed by the makers of Woot Math, a software platform developed to help math teachers reach more students. Today, Woot Math is used by more than 25,000 teachers to help hundreds of thousands of students have the academic strength and confidence they need to succeed. We are now working with many of those same teachers to extend what we do beyond the classroom, to bring the same joy to 1-on-1 tutoring that we strive to bring to math.

Woot Math has also received numerous awards for it’s research-backed program.

Awards & Recognition

Which Ed Tech Companies Are Producing the Best Research-Based Products?
Winner, Top Evaluation Research: Woot Math
— Edsurge, Digital Promise, Nov 9, 2016
Ed Tech Digest Cool Tool Award Finalist 2019
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Our innovative learning platform makes it feel like you are working side by side.
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We work with thousands of math teachers and are able through a proven process to identify incredible tutors.
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We believe that everyone should have access to great tutors and effective test prep.
Our program harnesses the best of tutoring and the best of adaptive technology to deliver an affordable solution.
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We were blown away by the Woot Tutor tools and look forward to continuing to collaborate to make online tutoring engaging and effective.
— Saga Education, a nonprofit that serves disadvantaged youth

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Measuring Tape

Measuring Tutoring Success

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